Freediving & Spearfishing

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"Breaksea Cod Portrait" by Jamie Kiddle Photography

Printed onto aluminium

45cm x 30cm (18" x 12")

On display in our Freediving section

The perfect wall hanging for a fisherman!


OMER Alien Mask

The best selling mask by OMER!

Black silicone


OMER Zero 3 Mask

Designed by MOMO

Low volume, amazingly light!



Rabitech Mask

The best value mask on the market!

Black silicone

Very well made


Rabitech Reaper Wetsuit

3mm Yamamoto Open Cell Neoprene

2 Piece- Farmer John style bottom, hooded vest top

Knife holder, padded elbows, knees & butt

Best value wetsuit yet! Full size range in stock!


Salvimar ST Atlantis Knife

New into stock

Amazing build quality

THE knife to have this summer!


Sporasub 3mm 3D Sea Green Camo Wetsuit

3mm Open Cell Neoprene

2 Piece suit

Camo design

Amazing value- Normally $540.00!


HammerHead Hawaiian Sling 3 Prong 7'

Top quality handspear

Solid black fibreglass construction

Heavy duty prongs

The most popular spear in Hawaii!


HammerHead Ice Line 75'

Perfect for trail, anchor or float line

Includes clip in one end and spliced loop in the other

75 feet length


HammerHead PVC Float Line 65'

HammerHead Floatlines are professionally rigged and ready for big fish.  With heavy-duty hardware running through the middle and attached to both ends your ready to tackle the worlds toughest game fish.  With an exterior construction of high-visibility “RED” vinyl tubing you’ll be noticed by passing boats and watercraft. 


OMER Eagleray Fins

Great value fin

Powerful, yet comfortable and easy to use

Size 10-11 & 12-13 In Stock!


Pelagic Aussie Rail Gun

Great value spearguns

Perfect for the beginner or budget conscious freediver

In stock in 100cm & 120cm

Other sizes available- 90cm, 110cm, 130cm.

$279 100cm $289 120cm

Rabitech 5L Foam Float

Solid construction

Includes clips

Hi-Vis Orange


Rabitech Fins

Great value fins

Available in Red & Green


Salvimar Goblin Black Mask

Twin Lens mask with reduced volume

Soft touch matt anti-reflection finishing

Micrometrical buckle adjustment


Salvimar Next Fins

These fins are awesome!

Camo Design

Removable PP Blades

Size 10-11 In Stock!


Salvimar React Fins

Check out these great fins!

Removable PP Blade.

Size 8-9 & 10-11 In Stock!


Salvimar Siliconair Black Snorkel

Super comfortable, lightweight snorkel

Made entirely of hypoallergenic silicone foams for greater comfort & hygiene


Salvimar Weight Belt

Elastic Weight Belt

Nylon Buckle



Speargun Repairs & Refurbishment

We offer a range of speargun repairs. Anything from rubber replacement, shaft repairs and trigger mechanism overhauls, nothing is too hard!

Give us a call or drop your speargun into our store.


Speargun Rubbers

We carry a range of speargun rubbers.

Various sizes, diameters and styles.

Bulk rubber and varying wishbones also in stock.


Speargun Shafts

We carry a range of spare shafts of varying lengths and diameters.

Plenty in stock. If we don't have it, we will get it!